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The duties of the director of quality and performance to ensure the university Division

       1. supervision of the employees of the Division and induces the precision and skill at work.

       2. address sections and units belonging to the college according to the information required for the Division.

       3. Preparation of the work tables in the division and the formation of a time limit to finish the work required by the functions of the Division.

       4. Periodic follow-up to the completion of the updated database periodically and related Baltdrisien , technicians and administrators in Alklah.lmon


Unit university performance tasks

       1. completion of the annual assessment for university leaders supreme.

       2. completion of the annual evaluation of the faculty .

       3. completion of employee performance evaluation ( technicians , administrators and Khaddmyin ) annually .

       4 . Supply unit promotions annual assessments for the purpose of scientific promotion, and management for the purpose of promotion .



Quality Assurance Unit functions

1. Follow-up sections and units in college and collection activities and sent to the University .

2. completion of the annual calendar file to the performance of the college.

3. completion of comprehensive evaluation ( student assessment of faculty )

4. scrutiny and the application of quality standards within the axes own faculty.

5. identify the flaws and work to remove them.

6. promote the application of quality standards within the axis ( teaching , students , curriculum , infrastructure ) .

7. The establishment of field trips to the sections and units as part of the quality of performance activities .


Unit training and technical support functions

       1. university census forms.

       2. statistically successful participants of the first round of students .

       3. statistical successful and participants for the second round of students .

       4. British QS form .

       5. renovation of teachers , technicians and administrators database .

Quality and performance of university director

  O.d.mamed Naji Shaker

Staff quality and performance of university Division

1. important Ms. Aziz Abdul Karim ...................... Higher Diploma

2. Ms. Wafa Mohammed Aboud ............................ Bachelor

3. Ms. Esra Razak Khalil .......................... Bachelor


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