Continuous Education

Continuous Education

1- Communication with the departments of the province of Najaf during a field visits to these departments to view training opportunities according to their needs and training to Acquistion Mnzbém knowledge and skills required to improve the quality of performance, which is reflected in the services provided to citizens Quran.

2 - the application of continuous improvement to improve training quality through the implementation of a number of training programs for personnel working in continuing education at the university to make them able to training following the modern scientific bases in training to achieve the desired goal of it administration's strategy, and these programs: A - cycle to identify training needs. B - Training cycle: concept, methods, and implementation and evaluation.

3 - Preparation of the annual plan for training programs planned to set up in colleges and centers of the University during the next academic year, according to the training needs and facilities available at the university, and the issuance of the annual sessions of evidence in light of this plan, which is distributed to the ministry and the Iraqi universities and circles the province of Najaf and before appropriate to start courses for.

4 - the modern scientific method to adopt in the calendar implemented in the university training programs through feedback in the Light: A - email program port on the computer, which relies on data that is discharged from the questionnaire forms, according to the views of the trainees about the training and trainers program, which we get him on the report and AVI shows the level of assessment for each of them to be able to in the light of the findings of this report is secreted by the diagnosis of the strengths and weaknesses so that we can take the required measures. B - the follow-up field continued by the Continuing Education Division in the Office of the university for training programs implemented in the colleges and centers of the university, according to the schedule prepared for this purpose, where they are recording the observations in the report to be submitted to Mr. Rector to reflect the performance of colleges and centers of cycles carried out in level, to get the necessary guidance in question.

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