Employs and functions 

registry unit , in any academic institution ,is one of the most important unit .This unit is interesting by the administrative issues for the students from their admission to their graduation .Beside that this unit support the students with the services that they need such as:  certifications and student support and any other relations in the future .All these jobs are produced by specialized staff .    

Morning Studies:

1- The new students admitting according to the models of the center admission and then to record them .

2- Destributing the students to the scientific departments according to their desires and averages in the ministerial exam .

3- Release the commands which is associated with: the absence of students

4- To continue and to keep the students files .

5- To supply the students with their identity card (ID card )

6- To spread the dealings to the college according to the instructions and directions .

7- To supply the certifications for students which insured continuing their  studies to any formal office .

8- To achieve the statistics and the replays of the incoming issues which is relating by the students .  

9- To release and following the graduation commands.

10- To release the students certifications.

11- To release the certifications in Arabic and English languages .

12- To follow other administrative issues which is associated with the students and graduators .

Evening studies :

Besides morning studies, the registry unit are made the preparing for the students whom want to admit in the evening studies such as : their admission ,their distribution to the academic departments  .  

1- referring student to the health centre in the university and hospitals .

2- models students supports to the deferent formal institutions.

3- transfer form among the faculties .

4- graduate certifications .

5- Translate certifications

                                                                            Head of Registry Unit                                                                                                                                                  

                                                              Dr. Ahmed Kadhim Abdul Kareem Al Hakeem                                                                                                                                           

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