Faculty Calendar 2017-2018

  University Calendar for the academic year 2017-2018

Weeks Date Day Details
15 week 2\10\2017_11\1\2018 Monday First semester
Two weeks 14\1\2018_25\1\2018 Sunday First semester exams
Two weeks 28\1\2018_8\2\2018 Sunday Spring holiday
15 week 11\2\2018_24\5\2018 Sunday Second semester
Two weeks 27\5\2018_7\6\2018 Sunday Final exams of the first attempt
Two months 1\7\2018 Sunday Summer holiday
Two months 1\7\2018_31\8\2018 Sunday Summer training for the Colleges and Institutes' students included in the summer training program
Two weeks 2\9\2018 Sunday Final exams of the second attempt
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