Staff Board

Faculty council consists of:

1- Faculty Dean

2- Dean Deputy for scientific affairs

3- Dean Deputy for administrative affairs

4- Council secretary

5- Lecturers deputy

6- Quality and performance Deputy

7- Heads of faculty departments

Secreterate council works:

1- To hold an open meetings each (15) days in ordinary days . this meetings are opened during the exam period .

2-To debate all the relating issues with the faculty departments for the scientific and administrative sides , which are associated with postgraduate and undergraduate students .

Functional Address Name No
Faculty Dean Dr. Abbas Ali Al-Faham 1
Vice-Dean for Scientific Affairs Dr. Mohammed Naji Shaker 2
Vice-Dean for Administrative  Affairs Dr. Jabar abadi Al-Arethe 3
Council Secretary Dr. Qahdhan Fadhil Rahy 4
Head of Physics Department Dr. Rashed Owaid Kadhim 5
Head of Geography Department Dr. Thelal Jawad Kadhim 6
Head of Mathematics Department Dr. Habeeb Kareem Abedallah 7
Head of History Department Dr. Emad Hadi Abed Ali 8
Head of Biology Department Dr. Haith Mohammed Hamadi 9
The Head of Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences Dr.   Ameera al-Jawfi 10
Head of Arabic Language Department Dr. Abbas Ali Hussein 11
Head of Computer Department Dr. Hadeel Nury Saad 12
The Head of Department of Physical Education and Sport Science Dr. Mohammed Jasim Mohammed 13
Head of Chemistry Department Dr. Faez Abul Hussein Abed 14











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